Friday, February 20, 2015

#1373 hanging out with my "first" family

I am happily hanging out at my parent's house this weekend. I came over to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with them. 50 years!! It seems that for many people in my generation, celebrating their parent's 50th wedding anniversary just doesn't happen. Or maybe it does and I just think that more parents split up than really happens.

Well anyway...

I got here yesterday afternoon. My mom picked me up from the airport and we went out to lunch. We chose a Mexican restaurant that my mom has been wanting to try that is not too far from where my dad has dialysis (which is where he was when i arrived). The food was all right, but the restaurant was very noisy. It seemed that all the sounds in the place just bounced around the big open room. I felt like I had to shout sometimes so my mom could hear me. To make matters worse, a new tile roof was being put on the building and there was loud pounding noises to top it all off. I had a terrible headache by the time we finished eating. Been there, done that. We probably won't go back.

We picked Dad up and came home. We didn't do much except hang out and relax, which is always good. My sister came up from San Diego later in the evening, so the four of us - my first family - is all together.

The anniversary date is the 19th, but we went out for a celebration lunch today. We went to Black Angus. It was soooo good! After lunch we kind of all went into a little food coma and everyone (except me) took a nap. I couldn't nap because I was reading a good book. In fact, I just finished the book, but I will write about it later. I usually like to take a bit of time, an hour or a day, to think about the book before I write about it here. Look for info on Sunday when I write again.

Happy Friday!

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