Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#1442 feeling proud

It was a proud night for MT and me. We watched T get presented with the Mayor's Star of Excellence award at the city council meeting tonight. The Star of Excellence award is given to juniors and is for "outstanding academic achievement placing him in the top 3% of students in our City."

There are four high schools in our city, and they are all have large student bodies. West Valley is the second largest city in the state. Two of the high schools had a large number of students get the awards. There weren't too many from T's high school; there were only 9 students.

I'm just gonna say it:

I'm pretty damn proud of my son right now. He has worked hard and stayed focused on getting good grades throughout school.  Good job, T! You're awesome!!

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Kteach said...

That's just so great! :)