Wednesday, July 22, 2015

#1486 MT's bad day

MT called me just before lunch today. His voice sounded a bit strange, so I immediately ruled out the possibility that he was calling to invite me to lunch. "What's up?" I asked.

"I just put my tile saw through the back window of my truck!" he announced. "The lady in the car in front of me slammed on her brakes, so I had to slam on mine and the tile saw was not secure and it came crashing through the window. The window is totally shattered. What credit card should I use to pay for this because I have to have it fixed. I can't drive around with a shattered window."

Note: I put punctuation into the sentences but when MT was telling the story, it was almost like one long sentence or maybe even a very, very long word. There were not a lot of pauses or breaths being taken.

Since I was on my computer at work, I found a couple of glass repair shops for him to call. He had an appointment this afternoon, but the place called him back and said they didn't have the specific window in yet, so the truck will be fixed in the morning.

Such a bummer. It's not an inexpensive thing to fix. Still, when I saw the photo he sent me, I was glad that the back window was the only thing that got broken. The tile saw is heavy and the damage could have been worse.

Yes, the damage is on the driver's side.

Please notice the heavy gray clouds overhead. At my office, it rained hard. I don't think we got much rain out here on the west side of the valley, but I hope MT puts some plastic over that big hole just in case it rains tonight. It's still pretty cloudy here.

A quick update on T and his adventure: I just spoke with him for exactly one minute and 48 seconds. He didn't have much to say except that they were headed into the city right now. He said everything was fine. The end.

I haven't been feeling well today. My tummy was upset all day and now I have a throbbing headache. I think I may just go to bed.

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Kteach said...

That sucks, sorry to hear that. I hope it gets fixed and stays dry. Glad he didn't get hurt.