Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#1497 make sure it's on right

Last night I went to the gym to a spinning class. I set my Fitbit to track the workout and proceeded to have a good ride. I got sweaty, I felt my heart rate go up and down, I pushed myself and felt good after the session.

The bummer part? My Fitbit didn't register the workout. BOO! It's not like I felt the workout was wasted, but I've come to rely and look forward to seeing the stats of the exercise time. I like to see the graphs and the various stats. It didn't even give me any active minutes. For spinning! Which also means it didn't give me any WW activity points. :(

What I figured out was that I didn't have the Fitbit positioned correctly on my wrist. It's supposed to be two fingers above the wrist bone during exercise to get the best results. As I remember, my Fitbit was pretty much low on my arm below or right at my wrist bone. Good lesson.

I gotta see my stats!

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Kteach said...

I forgot to sign off when I woke up so it showed I slept 20 hours or something like that lol