Wednesday, September 9, 2015

#1516 fixer upper - the bathrooms

MT has been concentrating his efforts lately on the two bathrooms at the fixer upper.  I've written before about how MT has completely relocated the en suite bathroom in the master bedroom. He's built a totally new room for the bathroom. The new bathroom as a bit cave-like, so he put in a window on the east wall.

We both think it's going to make a big difference in the room. It's nice to have a window in the bathroom.

The main bathroom basically had to be gutted with the exception of the jetted tub. He left that in the room, but removed all the tile and fixtures and the existing shower. He has the new tile floor installed and is currently working on tiling the shower and around the tub.

Tile in the shower

Starting tile around the tub

Another good thing...he finally installed the toilet. I can't believe he has been working over there all these months without a toilet!

MT says that even though he enjoys going through the process, he doesn't like that the remodel is taking him so long. Of course, he is doing it all himself and it can be hard to be motivated to work on the project after a regular day of work. It has taken up all the weekends, too. He is making progress, though.

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