Monday, November 16, 2015

#1547 simple pleasures Monday

Last Monday I wrote about some little things that gave me some joy. I think I'd like to take a bit of time each week to list two or three things that are everyday simple pleasures. Seems like Monday is a good day for it since Mondays sort of have a reputation for being yucky.

My simple pleasure: SCARVES.  I really like scarves. I like the different fabrics, the different weights and colors. There are about a zillion ways you can wear scarves - there is no wrong way to wear them. Sling them around your neck. Get creative and weave the ends through loops. Open it up and wear it as a wrap. Get an infinity scarf and forget about it. Just put it on. They keep your neck cozy. They are stylish. Scarves give any clothing ensemble a little extra huzzah. Today I wore a simple black/grey v-neck sweater with jeans and a rich red scarf and I loved it. I don't wear a scarf every day, but I could.

Another simple pleasure: PETTING MY DOG. Today I got home from work a little late. I was feeling really tired (as usual) and even though I had several chores that I want to get done tonight, I decided to indulge myself with some quiet time. I laid down on my bed, invited Osi up for a snuggle and petted her for a good five or ten minutes. Looking into her soulful dog eyes and smoothing down the soft fur on top of her head made me feel calm and mellow and relaxed. Thinking back on those moments, I don't think I thought of anything at all other than how soft her fur feels.

Since I like things in threes, here's another simple pleasure: SUDOKU. Do you know what it is? It's a logic puzzle with numbers. There are nine lines and nine columns divided into nine boxes of nine squares. Each column will contain the numbers one through nine. Each line will contain the numbers one through nine. Each of the nine boxes will contain the numbers one through nine and there should never be a duplicate number in the line, column or box. In the winter especially I do at least one Sudoku puzzle a day at work. I print it out in the morning and play with it throughout the day. Sometimes I solve them easily and sometimes I don't solve them at all. Today I tried the same puzzle twice and failed both times. When I'm working on a project and I get stuck, I like to a take time out and try to fill in a couple of numbers. It refreshes my brain and gets me to look at things in different ways. And it's fun.

I challenge you to recognize the simple pleasures in your day. Have a great week! Talk to you tomorrow :)


Kteach said...

:) I like you with a scarves. Today it was chilly, i could have worn one.

emtes said...

I don't like Soduko but Hasse does them every day. He really enjoys it. Although I am a figure person I prefer Wordfeud or crosswords.
I do like scarves too.

I hope you are feeling better now! I am, knock on wood.

Hugs from Mia :-)