Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#1548 third time is a charm?

I went back to the doctor today. This time I had an appointment with my regular GP (general practitioner). The previous two visits I saw a PA (physician's assistant). Although I think the PA did everything for me that she could, I just wanted to see my regular doctor - he had been busy both times before and I wanted immediate relief.

To recap, I have been feeling terrible since the first week of October. I'm pretty sure the terrible-ness started out as a cold and it just hasn't gone completely away. For the two weeks that passed before I went to the doctor, I was coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose all the time. My muscles ached,  I was tired all the time and I had a headache every day. I saw Michelle the PA on October 19 and she diagnosed me with a viral infection that would have to play itself out. There was no medicine she could give me to cure it. Nevertheless, I continued to try nearly every type of over-the-counter cold/sinus/flu/allergy medicine that was sold in my local Target store. Nothing and I mean nothing eased my symptoms and misery. Except for Benedryl which helped me sleep through the night and not wake up with coughing fits.

I went back to see Michelle last Monday, November 9. I told her I was still feeling extremely terrible and she gave me some antibiotics and some cough medicine. She told me that I should start feeling better within 48 - 72 hours. I would say that I did/do feel a little better, but certainly not cured. I still have infinite quantities of mucus in my head which drains from my sinuses to my throat which in turn leads me to coughing fits which are mostly unproductive. My head still aches from the sinus pressure. And I have no energy at all. Walking around the university campus on Saturday was difficult. I was exhausted when we were done.

The crazy part is that neither MT nor T have gotten sick. Hardly a sniffle between them. And when Lizzie was here I was particularly mucus-y and she didn't seem to be affected. No one at work has been ill either. At least I'm not contagious. 

Which brings us to my doctor appointment today. I explained all my ailments to a third year medical student who was working with Dr. M. The good news is that all my vitals - blood pressure, pulse, temperature and oxygen levels - were normal. The med student thought I might have walking pneumonia, but no. My lungs are clear. My sinus passages are a bit inflamed and a lymph node is also slightly enlarged, but nothing major.  Dr. M said that he thinks I have a bacterial infection and the antibiotics I have been taking are not strong enough to wipe it out. He prescribed a stronger antibiotic and also told me to buy Flonase, an over-the-counter steroidal nasal spray. I'll start taking the new antibiotic and use the Flonase tonight. The antibiotics are a five day treatment, so I'll take the last dose on Saturday. I promise I won't mention anything more about my illness until Sunday when I will tell you if the treatment worked (or not).

Before I sign off tonight, though, I will say that I am feeling pretty down about not feeling well for so long. I'm tired all the time. I have a headache every day. My nose is sore from the constant wiping with tissues. My eyes look awful with big dark puffy circles under them. There's no sparkle or glow in this girl right now. :/

Now I will go take the antibiotic, give myself a nasal spray and get ready for bed. Tomorrow is a new day. Here's hoping the latest treatment will work!


Kteach said...

Hope, hope, hope the lastest works and you feel better!!!! Love you.

emtes said...

Get well soon! And I do hope the antibiotics help.

I can't help thinking of Hasse who has taken, I think, 5 or 6 antibiotic cures the last months. He finally got to go to the immunology doctor and they did a lot of tests before finding out that the bacteria he has is resistent to penicillin. So now they have tried other antibiotics and the last one didn't work either so he's quite depressed about that. But there are still others to try.

I do hope your cure will help but if it doesn't you need to insist they found out exactly what kind of bacteria it is and what antibiotics will treat it!

Here in Sweden they wait and wait and wait until so much time has gone that it's hard to get rid of it.

Anyway with all that said, you need to take care of you and get well.

Love you!
Hugs from aunt Mia