Saturday, March 5, 2016

#1616 a big goal announcement

This past week I've been focusing on the food I'm eating. I've been watching my portions, not going back for seconds and really cutting back on sweets and snacks. The only exercise I did was 20 minutes of walking, and I didn't do that on Monday or Tuesday because I was ill.  I tracked (wrote down) everything I ate and focused on staying within my WW points limits.

Today is my weigh in day at Weight Watchers. How did I do? GOOD! I lost 4.4 lbs!!

YAY!! I really needed that loss to boost my spirits.

You see, I have set a goal for myself to be below a certain significant weight by my birthday. My birthday is about 90 days away, and I need to lose about a pound a week in order to achieve my goal. There's not a lot of room to mess up, but it is exciting to have a goal that I really want to reach.

In our WW meeting today we talked about fitness and activity. We were talking about apps we use to help us with our fitness. One was Map My Walk. I've used Map My Ride for when I go for a bike ride, and I think I would like Map My Walk. I'll check it out. Another app that was mentioned is for helping you track how much water you drink and it's called Plant Nanny. I guess you have an eplant and you have to keep it alive by drinking water and logging how much you drink each day. Sounds cute. I gotta check it out :)

I didn't wear my Fitbit today and I feel kind of lost without it. I took it off this morning and plugged it in to charge while I showered and then forgot to put it on. I even went for a walk today at Red Butte Garden and I felt sad that the Fitbit wasn't tracking all my steps. That thing is addictive.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Talk to you tomorrow.