Saturday, May 28, 2016

#1684 slip and slide

I am in slow motion today. The past few days have been a blur of activity and late nights. Yesterday was absolutely non-stop. I was in total hostess mode, plus there was the extra emotion of the graduation, the little party we had afterward, and T's departure for a grad trip with some friends to Lake Powell.

Yep, T left last night/morning to go to Lake Powell and Grand Canyon with friends for the weekend. I'm hopeful he will be back on Monday night. I say hopeful because it seems like the plans for this trip changed pretty much daily. In fact, the plan was for them to leave around 5 this morning, but they didn't get on the road until 10AM. I just hope they have fun and are safe.

MT's mom and dad left this morning. Lizzie and I took our dad to dialysis this morning, then we picked up our mom and picked up a few grocery items before we came home. Unfortunately, the grocery store visit was eventful.

We had completed our purchase and were walking out of the store. Suddenly Lizzie's foot shot out in front of her and she slid along the floor, trying to catch her balance, but landed hard on the inside of her left knee while the right leg shot out in front of her so she ended up in a modified splits position. Her sunglasses went flying across the floor, the frame bent into an unwearable position and one lens popped out and skittered across the floor.

So there's my sister on the floor. My mom and I hovering over her, store employees rushing over to help her and customers who witnessed the slip coming over to offer their comments. Poor Lizzie was embarrassed at first and flustered by all the attention. When she was helped to her feet and offered a chair was when she realized there was a bunch of pain, too. Her left hamstring was injured in the slide. I could see that she was in a lot of pain as she sat in the chair.

We took a few minutes to fill out an accident report and a witness report. The store manager was very nice and seemed a little freaked out by the whole event. My mom was also really affected by the situation. Lizzie decided she didn't need medical attention and we got her home, gave her some pain reliever and tried to get the muscle to relax.

So we have been taking it easy today. Lizzie has been applying alternating heat and ice to the knee and the hamstring. I have been dozing and watching TV. Mom and Dad are at the hotel, relaxing in their space. Hopefully tomorrow we will all feel a little more perky. I think Lizzie will be sore tomorrow, but if she takes it easy, she'll probably be all right. It will take time to heal, though. Poor thing. Every time she moves, she makes a little sound because it pulls and hurts. She says when she is relaxed and doesn't move much, it doesn't hurt as bad, just a dull ache. But when she changes positions, she whimpers.

Here's hoping that T is being safe and having fun, the Lizzie will have a speedy recovery from her injury and that I regain some of my pep and vigor tomorrow.

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emtes said...

Oh my good! Poor Lizzie, that must have hurt really bad. I can totally understand her sounding when she moves. I do hope she has a speedy recovery and that you all can enjoy being together.
Lots of hugs and a special get-well-hug for Lizzie
from aunt Mia