Monday, June 20, 2016

#1696 three simple pleasures: bike rides, fish movies and champions

I missed posting on Saturday! Oops. I was feeling pretty tired because I had been outside quite a bit that day and it's been hot here and I was tuckered out. Tonight I'll talk about three things! To make it even more fun, they are all simple pleasure :)

1. I went for a bike ride! For my birthday this year, I got a bike rack for my car and I also had my bike tuned up and cleaned. On Saturday morning, I often go to spinning class, but I overslept a little and didn't make it to class, so I decided to ride my bike to the WW meeting. It's only a couple of miles from my house, but it was the first time I've ridden on the road with cars and it was also the first time I'd been on my bike in a couple of years. Getting there was easy. It's mostly downhill. Coming back was more challenging. The hill isn't steep, but it's long and steady. I was huffing and puffing and at one point I thought I'd have to stop. I didn't stop, though. I pushed through - slowly and in a low gear - but I made it! The next day, Sunday, MT and I put the rack on the car and I drove out to my favorite riding area, the Legacy Highway bike trail. My goal was to ride 10 miles total. I got a little confused with the signs and turned around at mile marker 5 which means I was starting on the fifth mile, not that I had gone five miles. I only ended up with 9.69 miles, so it was close. I felt pretty good on the ride. I wasn't setting any speed records, that's for sure, but it felt nice to be riding again.

2. I saw Finding Dory! It's been awhile since saw a movie in a theater. The last one might have been in April with my sister. There just hasn't been much that I have really wanted to see and spend movie money on, you know? Seeing Finding Dory was a no-brainer, though. I really liked Finding Nemo and Dory is adorable, so I was all in. I wasn't disappointed, either. It was great. Good story, fantastic animation, it's really beautiful.

3. The NBA has a new champion! I love love love the NBA. Even though my beloved Jazz didn't make the playoffs, I was all in watching every game I could, including all seven games in the Finals. I started out hoping that Golden State would repeat as champs, but when they didn't close out the Cavs in Game 5, I started to have some feelings for Cleveland and LeBron. I was excited when the Cavs won Game 6 to force a winner-take-all Game 7 and I have to admit at that point, I was pretty much actively cheering for the Cavs. LeBron James was just such a beast and a leader. He's an amazing player. Did you know that he is the only player to lead both teams in every category in Finals? He had the most points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks of anyone on either team. That's cool.

I know if the Warriors had won, they would have been happy and their fans would have been happy, but there is no way they could possibly have been any happier than LeBron James and the city of Cleveland. LBJ said he would bring a championship home to Cleveland and he did and it's all very

Next up - the draft on Thursday night. I'll be interested to see what the Jazz do. They have the 12th pick and a couple of others in the second round. I don't think they need more rookies. It would be good to trade a get a veteran. I vote for Kevin Durant! hahahaha But really, KD playing here would be awesome!

That's all I've got for today. See ya Wednesday!


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