Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#1697 the good and the bad of the day

Today was my favorite kind of work day. I had the opportunity to play in a golf tournament on behalf of the company! I used to play golf quite often, but I haven't played very much or at all in the past four years since my knee surgery. That was all on me. The doctor said I could play, but it felt kind of strange and I got lazy and then I wasn't playing.

The fact is that I totally lucked into the invitation to today's tourney. I wasn't originally invited but when one of my co-workers said he couldn't play, I suggested that I would be available to take his place.

The tournament is put on by one of our vendors and it is full of swag. There was stuff being given away on most of the holes, everything from jackets to shirts to Swiss Army knives to water bottles to various electronic gizmos. There were sunglasses and rolling duffel bags - the gifts were amazing!

I got to play with two of my best friends from work, Kelsie and Nicole and our other friend Heather (she doesn't work at our company). None of us golf that often; I think Heather probably golfs more than the other three of us combined. We weren't very good at it, although we all had some shots that we liked a lot. We were never in danger of winning the tournament. In fact, the scorekeeper didn't even post our score because he didn't want to embarrass us. We had fun, though!

I learned a couple of things today. First, I miss playing golf. I'm not talking about hitting balls on the range. I'm talking about playing nine holes of golf (18 is a lot!), walking the course, making shots and enjoying the time it takes. I used to play in a ladies league for several years and I enjoyed it. Then the ladies on my team got promotions and moved away. Even after they were gone, I would often go play a round alone after work just to relax and get outside. I might try to get back to that a little.

The second thing I learned is that I am not pleased with my body at this time. Of the four of us golfing today, I was definitely the largest. I don't compare myself with the other three because we all have different body types, but I felt oversized. And then there I was, eating donuts and drinking beer. WTF Sandy? I'm busy asking for larger shirt sizes (which don't actually fit, by the way) and merrily stuffing my face with crapola. I'm my own worst enemy, I swear. I can't get out of my own way.

So it was a good day and a bad day, I guess. Good because I was out on the golf course instead of in the office. I was hanging out with friends and having fun. Bad because when I got home and tried on the shirts and thought about my actions I was bummed out at myself.

On the positive side, tomorrow is another day to try to do the right things and take care of myself like I should.

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