Thursday, June 16, 2016

#1695 T at NSO

MT and I are hanging out by ourselves tonight. Actually, that fact isn't too unusual; T has been enjoying the summer and hangs out with his friends most nights. What makes tonight different is that T is spending the night up at the university as he goes through freshman orientation. It's a two day event that started this morning and goes through tomorrow afternoon. It includes an overnight stay in the dorm.

I was looking at the agenda of the orientation and it seems pretty cool. The new students were split into small groups with an orientation leader. They'll get to figure out what college they will attend and even sign up for classes. There are a lot of other topics that will be discussed also.

It's impressive that the university invests so much time and attention into the new students and helping them get on the right path. I certainly didn't go through anything like the new student orientation when I was starting college. Since college is so expensive these days, any help a student can get to figure out what is what is really helpful.

What an exciting time for T. I hope he is excited, too.

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Kteach said...

I'm excited too! :)