Tuesday, June 14, 2016

#1694 not what I was planning to write about

Today I was planning to write a little memory of our trip to Hawaii. We were there this time last year. I was going to find a couple of photos and reminisce, but there's no time for that now! With my self-imposed 10PM bedtime, there's not time for much of anything when you get home at 9PM.

Where was I? Recording blooms at Red Butte Garden, then taking a quick stroll around the place. I saw some wildlife this evening. There was a squirrel in a tree in the Children's Garden totally getting after some berries. I walk really quietly there, so the squirrel didn't notice me until I spotted him. We both looked at each other for a second, then he abandoned the berry bush and went away. Pity. The other wildlife I saw tonight was a snake. It was just a small garden snake. It was on the path - thankfully not the one I was walking on, but just to my left. I thought it was a stick at first, but then I realized it was a serpent. I quickly left the area. I also saw the usual birds and bees. It was a beautiful evening up there.

After that I had to stop at Target to pick up a few items including a fan for my bedroom. With "The Change" coming on, I get a little warm at night, so I like to have a fan gently blowing a breeze on me. MT likes it too. T took over the fan we used to have in the room, so I just bought a new one. Sadly, it requires a little bit of assembly involving a screwdriver. I wonder if I can convince MT to come up and put it together. He's really good at that kind of thing, but he's watching a movie so I don't know how receptive he would be to the idea. I'll ask anyway. The worst he can say is no and then I'll have to do it and probably miss my bedtime. ((SIGH))

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