Saturday, July 2, 2016

#1703 the Saturday routine

I spent a lot of time outside today. First I walked to WW. That was fine. The temperature was still cool enough to be comfortable. How did I do at WW? Well, I showed a gain from the last time I was there, but compared to what I weighed at home on Monday after the family reunion, I was down. I think I did a good job this week of watching what I ate and getting some activity. I'm telling you, July is the month I am going to break out of this yo-yo business.

MT picked me up after the meeting because I had to have some breakfast, shower and head up to Red Butte Garden for some volunteer time. I hadn't been up there for a week. Last weekend we were out of town and I didn't get up there during the week because it's been so hot. My plan was to record blooms, then hang out in the Courtyard. I got all the way up to RBG when I realized that I didn't have my bloom recording pages. I ended up taking photos of all the signs of the plants that were blooming today. I'll have to go through the photos and fill in the sheet. Not very efficient, but it worked. I also took about 130 photos with my camera there today. I think I got a cool photo of a bee on a sprig of lavender and a butterfly on a purple flower. If I do, I'll show them here. It's hard to tell if they are any good on my camera screen.

There were not a lot of guests at the garden today. Makes sense since it is the fourth of July weekend. I didn't mind. I read a lot. It was warm, but the breeze was really nice.

After volunteer time, I came home and had a snack. I was really hungry. T was at work and MT was at the fixer, but he came home right after I did. We had some dinner and watched a movie. It was a good evening. It was a good day.

Hope you had a good day, too!

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