Sunday, July 10, 2016

#1711 take me out to the ballgame

Last fall I found out the the LA Angels baseball team would be in Salt Lake to play against their Triple A affiliate the Salt Lake Bees for a spring training game. I was really excited and bought a ticket within five minutes of the tickets going on sale.

Sadly, when it came time for the game to be played in late March, it snowed that day, so there was no baseball.

The Bees offered a deal to the people who had purchased tickets to the spring training game - double the amount of credit toward regular season Bees' games. My spring training ticket was $40, so I have $80 worth of ticket credit with the Bees!

For whatever reason, I have not been out to the ballpark yet this year and I decided that needed to change. I love going to the ballpark on Sunday afternoon. There are usually not many people, you get to sit out in the sun and it's just relaxing and good. So I called the ticket guy last week and told him I wanted one seat in the section behind home plate and to use my credit. The seat was $20, so I still have $60 to spend. I'm hoping my friend LA can come down some weekend to see a game.

As I expected, when I got there, I was sad I hadn't been to the ballpark earlier in the season. Smiths Ballpark is a great venue with gorgeous views of the Wasatch Mountains. I bought myself a beer and plopped myself down in my seat - sort of. My seat was right next to a man and there were three empty seats between the man and a couple on the other side, so I picked the seat in the middle. Why be crowded? There was plenty of room. In fact, later, I moved to the aisle seat and was perfectly comfortable.

The game did not go well for the home team. They lost 11-2. It was great to be out there. I'm already checking the schedule to figure out when I will go again!

Here's a photo I took today of the field and the view.

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