Tuesday, July 12, 2016

#1712 Monday night at Red Butte Garden

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I had the following post written and was trying to attache photos when the internet went haywire. :( Luckily, and somewhat strangely, Blogger saved my words. I think it's strange because I was getting an error message that said my post wasn't saved. Anyway, here is my post from yesterday...

A wee cold front moved through the valley yesterday and cooled the temperature down by about 20 degrees today. The high was in the mid-70s (about 24C). I decided to take advantage of the cooler temperature and head up to Red Butte Garden this evening after work to record blooms in the Children's Garden.

Little did I know that I would have a bonus tonight: Tonight was a Monday Family Night show in the courtyard. The performers were the Kenshin Taiko drummers. Not only was it a gorgeous evening, I had really cool drums to accompany me on my bloom recording quest!

When I first got to RBG tonight, I took a quick walk around the garden (because I can). Did I mention it was pretty much perfectly gorgeous this evening? By the time I got up to the Children's Garden, the drumming had begun and it sounded great. Before I was done going through my area, the drummers were done and I was kind of sad because I would have liked to watch them.

I was finishing up along the main path when one of the drummers walked past me and said hi. I told her how great the drums had sounded from where I had been. I asked her if they were done and she said they were going to do some more songs, but were on a break and she wanted to walk around the garden. I couldn't blame her. I finished up what I was doing and headed to the Courtyard to listen to the next set.

Usually I don't download my photos right away, but I thought my posts were kind of boring lately, so here are some photos I took this evening. Enjoy!

The waterfall because it's always different and it's my favorite.

Ducks in the sun

Chipmunk in a tree eating a pine cone

The meadow is full of yellow flowers

Do you see the bee on this weird flower that looks like a bunch of berries?

Do you see the dragonfly on top of the flower?

Kenshin Taiko drummers

The drummers were great!

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