Wednesday, July 13, 2016

#1713 Food Truck Wednesday

Tonight MT and I did something we have not done before: we went to a food truck night! I learned about the food truck night at the Olympic Oval while listening to NPR and I decided that we had to go. It is a beautiful evening here, perfect for dining outside and enjoying some good food.

There were six food trucks; I couldn't get them all in this photo though.

Four of the trucks are in the photo: Silver Moon Taqueria, the Brazilian food truck, in the corner back there is a French toast food truck, and the one on the end is called Porky's Poutine. Not pictured is the malasada food truck and the Korean BBQ truck.

For me, it was between the taqueria and the poutine, but the call of a steak quesadilla was strong and I went for Silver Moon.

MT chose this one, too. He had the fish tacos and I had a steak quesadilla. Our meal came with a soda, which were Jarritos. I had limon; MT had orange. 100% sugar, baby! YUM!!

I didn't take a photo of MT's tacos because they were wrapped in foil. I had a bite of the taco and it was good, but the steak quesadilla was delicious! The salsa had a really good flavor with a bit of bite right in the back of the throat. The sauce that looks pink in the photo was amazing. It was creamy and spicy and just flat-out yummy.

As I mentioned, the food trucks were gathered at the Utah Olympic Oval which is the venue where I volunteered during the 2002 Olympics. MT had never been in the place, so we were able to go in and have a look around. It looks a lot different inside right now than it did during the Olympics. There was a lot less seating for one thing, of course. There is a running track, and the skating track is still there. There are also two big rinks. On one, hockey was being played. On the other, there was a free skate. And, something interesting, in one corner was a trapeze swing, you know, like in the circus! There were some people swinging on it. It looked like they knew what they were doing.

inside the Oval
I could not pass on the malasada truck. Malasadas are Portuguese donuts that are very popular in Hawaii. When we were on the Big Island last year, we stopped at a place that is well known for the malasadas, Tex Drive-In in Honokaa. I thought the malasadas were delicious and truthfully, I've been wanting some for a year. I had read about a place in Provo called Clark's Island Donuts that was supposed to have very good malasadas, but I don't get down to Provo very often. Wouldn't you know it? Clark's has a food truck and it was in Kearns tonight! Because I'm a bit of a piggy, I got six malasadas: three with custard and three with chocolate.

They were served up all hot and fresh and sugar-y.

Oh yeah!

I really liked food truck night! I would definitely do it again. Maybe next Wednesday?!?

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