Thursday, July 14, 2016

#1714 Throwback Thursday: Every Little Thing

Before anything...I'm sad and disturbed about what happened in Nice, France today. It almost seems like hardly a day goes by that you don't hear about something horrible happening in the world. It's tragic and it's f'd up. Sometimes I feel kind of hopeless and helpless. How do you stop terrorism and violence? I try and have faith in the leaders of world and hope they can fix it. I know it's a tall order and many of the countries, including this one, have their own issues to take care of. It's an absolutely crazy time in history.

Here's what I know, though. I can't stop living my life and doing things that I enjoy and making the best of what I've got because of terrorists or excessive violence. I have to be aware of what is happening around me, but I am not going to crawl into my basement and not come out until that's the absolute last resort.  In the meantime, I'm going to play Pokemon Go, I'm going to ride my bike and go to the movies and listen to music and laugh when I get the chance and try to spread a little happiness whenever and however to whoever I can. I hope that you all choose to do the same. :)

On that note, I decided not to post a photo for Throwback Thursday. Instead, I'm going to post a music video from the golden age of videos - the 1980s - from my very most favorite band of all time, The Police. I heard this song on the radio earlier this week and I cranked up the volume and sang my face off in the car. I thought about the video, too. It was filmed on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.

I remember when MT and I took our first cruise in 2006, the volcano on Montserrat was erupting. We sailed by the island at night. It's black out at sea at night, but in the distance, you could see the orange lava flowing down the mountain and see trees bursting into flames.

The song is Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. I love the reggae-inspired beat and the crazed dancing in the studio and the close-up of Sting toward the end when he sings, "Eeee Yo". This song differs from most Police songs in that it actually ends. Most of their songs just fade out.

Here's hoping the song and video bring a smile to your face and a little joy into your day.