Friday, July 29, 2016

#1728 foodie Friday: food at work

It is a fact that having food at work makes the people at my office feel happy and loved. Many years ago we took an informal survey, just in our work group, and food came up as one of the top motivational items. Sometimes someone will bring in bagels or donuts, and people are glad. About every other Friday we get together for an event we call 15 Minute Friday, and there are usually fresh baked cookies to munch on. One of the gentlemen in the office is married to a lady who used to have a bakery and she is gifted in the art of baked goods. When he brings in something that she has made for us, we all take photos of the creation before we chow down. Her goods are beautiful and delicious. Every few months we have Dip Day in which people are encouraged to bring something to share with everyone. It started out simply, with corn chips and salsa or potato chips and ranch dip or crackers and a cheese ball, but Dip Day has evolved and grown and expanded. It may include desserts or samples of a main dish or soup. Dip Day is always a big hit.

Over the past few years, our little management group in the business department has been making lunch for our team. We used to do it on the third Thursday of every month, but that's also our safety meeting day and we always have breakfast during the safety meeting. It's provided by the pair that is making the safety presentation that month. So to have breakfast and then lunch seemed a bit much, even to us, so we moved lunch to the fourth Thursday of every month. It's just a casual lunch, but it's (mostly) lots of fun.

Three or four of us get together and plan what we are going to make, then prepare a shopping list and figure out how we are going to get it all done. We try to keep it pretty simple and we always want it to be great. We love to hear the team say, "Wow! That was my favorite!" Some meals that we have done include carne asada tacos (a huge hit and pretty easy), grilled chicken, bacon and avocado sandwiches, and smoked meats (a couple of the guys have smokers). We usually have a green salad or a veggie tray, some fruit, chips and cookies. The management group does all the set up, prep, cooking and clean-up. It's been a fun way to say thanks to the business team and is a nice way to break up the day by doing something way different from our regular work.

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