Wednesday, September 7, 2016

#1750 WW Wednesday - close the window

A couple of weeks ago in the Weight Watcher meeting, the discussion turned to how when you make some poor food choices in a day or even a meal, it can be tough to get back on the plan and make good choices again. One of the ladies told a story or an analogy she had heard before that helps her get back on track. I like it, too, so I'll share with you.

If you come into a room and a window is open and it's raining really hard and water is getting all over the floor, do you just leave the window open and the puddle on the floor? No. You close the window and clean up and move on. That's how it should be when you overeat or make a food decision that you regret. Close the window and move on. Everything is gonna be ok.

I'm happy to say that my windows have been closed lately. I feel pretty good about WW. I didn't go to a meeting the weekend I was in California, so Saturday was the first weigh in I'd had in a couple of weeks. I was thrilled to see a nice fluffy three pound loss! It felt great to see that result. I'm really close to my 10% goal - that's losing 10% of my starting weight which is a big milestone in WW land. I'll let you know how it goes.

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