Thursday, September 8, 2016

#1751 my favorite back-to-back months

I am very busy tonight watching the first NFL game of the season. The Denver Broncos are playing the Carolina Panthers. I love the NFL. It's fun to watch and it relaxes me.

This particular game is fun because there are two former Utah players on the teams - Devontae Booker plays for the Broncos and Star Lotulelei plays for the Panthers. I really enjoyed cheering for those guys when they played here at Utah, and it's awesome to see them in the pros! I'm sorry to say that Booker is going to have a tough time getting carries if he fumbles the ball like he did on his first carry today. :(

The other day I was listening to The Dan Patrick Show (sports talk radio rules!). The guys were talking about their favorite back-to-back months. That's an easy one for me: September/October and it's not even close. The weather here in SLC is usually really fantastic in September and mostly really good in October. The sports are great in these two months with college football, the NFL, baseball's regular season wrapping up and the postseason and in October the NBA begins the preseason. Sports magic! Autumn delight!

I guess November/December would be my second favorite back-to-back because of the holidays.

This is a good game! I'm gonna focus on it now. Have a good one!

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