Wednesday, September 21, 2016

#1764 work trip complete

YAY! I'm back home!!

Today's training got finished earlier than expected, so we headed out to the airport early. I'm so glad we did! We got to the airport around 4:00 and there was a flight leaving for SLC at 4:40. It had just started to board. The three of us (me, Tyler and Phil) rushed to the counter to see if there were any seats available on the 4:40 flight...and there were! It cost $50 each to change the ticket, and we felt like the company would be glad to pay the change fee because it brought us a lot of joy to get home by 7:30 rather than around 10:00.

To make the whole thing even more groovy, we were seated in Economy Coach. It's not first class, but it is a step up from regular coach. The seats are a little nicer (maybe) and there is a lot more legroom. I had my legs stretched out in front of me the whole time and didn't even touch the first class seat in front of me. It was delightful. Thank you Granite!

For some reason today I was extremely tired and had a hard time staying focused in the training even though I found the morning part of the training to be very interesting and informative. I slept great last night, so it wasn't about lack of sleep. It was kind of stuffy in the conference room and I think my brain was tired of all the concentrating on listening.

Overall, though, I'm glad I went. I learned some things, got a good refresher on other things and saw a lot of people I knew and met some new folks too. I was glad to hang out with Tyler and Phil. They are very nice guys and I hope they feel more comfortable with me since we spent some time together learning and chatting and hanging out.

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