Thursday, September 22, 2016

#1765 throwback Thursday - last year

I know that last year's photo doesn't exactly qualify as a throwback photo, but in the spirit of reliving our trip to Spain a little, I wanted to post a photo of my mom, my sister and I that is absolutely one of my favorites.

If I remember correctly, this was on our third day in Barcelona. We were sitting in a little courtyard across from the cathedral in the barri gotic. I'm sure that Lizzie and I were joking around and making Mom question whether hanging around with us - in fact bringing us with her - was such a good idea after all.

So many silly, fun little memories. This is definitely one for me. I completely love the look on Mom's face.


Kteach said...

LOL I remember you too laughing uproariously to some of my comments, then taking a selfie while I pondered what's so funny! ;)

Lizzie Wann said...