Tuesday, September 20, 2016

#1763 work trip - meeting day 1

I have spent the whole day sitting in a hotel conference room learning about plant accounting financials. Unless it's something you do to put food on your family's table, it is probably not all that exciting. Hell, even if you do it to put food on the table it's not that exciting, but it's what you do.

There weren't really any OMG-I-did-not-know-that moments, but I did get some good information and I reaffirmed to myself that yes, I do mostly know what I'm doing. There have been times over the past few years when I really questioned that statement.

In general, sitting in a hotel conference room isn't very pleasant. There are no windows. The chairs are not very comfortable. You can't really get up and walk around, like you can at your regular job. Lunch was catered by the hotel and the menu was chosen by the meeting organizers, so you kind of get what you get. Today's lunch was salad and sandwich with a cookie or a brownie for dessert. The brownie was delicious.

I did go outside for a few minutes during lunch and walked around the building a little. Mostly all I saw was parking lot, but it was nice to stretch my legs a little. It's a really nice day here in Rancho Cordova.

We are all heading over to a nearby restaurant for dinner in about half an hour. I scoped out the menu ahead of time and I'm pretty sure I know what I'll have. I'm hopeful that we won't linger too long at dinner because I would really like to come back to this nice hotel room and sprawl out on the bed, read and watch TV.

One thing that I did that I am totally congratulating myself on is that I brought my water bottle me. I usually don't drink nearly enough water when I am at these events. I've been filling up my bottle with ice and water and getting plenty of hydration. It was a good move!

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