Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#1829 travel Tuesday: Georgia on my mind

Since we had such a great time hanging out together last year in New Orleans, Lizzie and I have decided to go on a sisters-only trip every year. We have about 20 U.S. cities that we would like to visit, so think we won't have any problem figuring out where to go except narrowing it down to figure out where to go!

We thought it would be fun to involve our parents in some way in the choosing. When Lizzie went to the parental home a couple of weeks ago, she put all the towns in a hat and let Mom draw three. Then Mom would choose the destination from those three towns.

Mom pulled out three towns and decided she didn't want us to go to any of those. To make it easy, we said she could just say where she wanted us to go as long as the place was on the list (which she had seen). She decided we should go to Savannah, Georgia.

A side note...Mom is fascinated with Savannah. I think the fascination came after reading the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. (I read the book, too, but it's been a long time.) I know that she would like to go there and I think our trip is a vicarious adventure for her.

Since learning of our destination, I have been looking on Pinterest for information about places to see, stay and eat. I have ordered guide books, too. I really like knowing about a place before I go. One of the other cities on the list is Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is only a couple of hours away from Savannah. Since we are renting a car, I'm pretty sure we're going to drive up to Charleston and look around one day. Happily, the guidebook includes Charleston and the Low Country.

Lizzie and I had been looking for hotels or bed and breakfasts in Savannah. My travel agent sent pricing for Holiday Inns and Marriotts, but I wasn't interested in staying at a chain hotel in Savannah. I wanted something more like the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans. A B&B would be neat - Savannah has lots and lots of B&Bs, but few of them offered rooms with two beds. In the end, we decided to go the AirBnB route and booked a two bedroom apartment in a Victorian house near Forsyth Park. I think it's gonna be really neat!

We've got a couple of months before the trip. We will go in mid-May for a long weekend. That should give me enough time to really work on making sure my new knee is strong enough to handle all the walking we will be doing. The tourist-y parts of Savannah that we are interested in exploring are all within walking distance, so we will be doing a lot of strolling through the squares and neighborhoods. We are hoping the weather will be warm but pleasant. It gets sticky in the South in the summer!

I'm excited about our second annual sister trip! As a little preview, here is a pic I found on the internet of the fountain at Forsyth Park.


Kteach said...

That'll be so cool, I always liked the idea of Savannah, sounds so romantic. Keep me updated!!!

Lizzie Wann said...

so excited!