Monday, March 6, 2017

#1828 sort of boring right now

So much for writing every day! I sat down on Saturday to write, but my day had been so dull that even as I started to write about it, I got bored. I did a few things in the morning, but the rest of the day I puttered around the house. Not exciting.

On Sunday MT and I went out to the Columbia outlet store. We got a few things that came to $109. The sales guy told us that if we spend $200, we'd get $100 off. So we found some more things and got lots of stuff for just over $100! That was fun.

The weather here is as crazy as Ben Carson. Yesterday it was around 60 degrees, but the winds were blowing around 45 miles/hour. Then, at night, the temperature dropped and there was a blizzard. The snow was coming in horizontally. The wind was howling. The power in the house flickered and went off four or five times before finally just going off for real around 9PM. It was dark and cold, so we went to bed. I woke up around 12:45 and the power had come back on, so I got up and turned everything off.

This morning the roads were clear, so that was good. There was a good inch of crusty ice on my car that I had to scrape off. There was some snow, too, but MT wiped the snow off for me.

I got another degree of bend in physical therapy today. Now I'm back to 107, which is where I was on February 13 prior to my setback. Monday PT is always a little harder even though I do stretch and walk over the weekend. I hope that on Thursday I can pick up two more degrees.

Really, today's post isn't much better than Saturday's post that I didn't write, but I feel better about at least writing something.

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