Wednesday, March 8, 2017

#1830 WW Wednesday: body confidence

The subject of the WW meeting last week was body confidence and our fill-in leader Fabulous Gina had written this question on the white board:

What were you thinking about how you looked this morning?

Several people shared their thoughts. I didn't at the time, but I will now.

I wore some yoga pants, a long t-shirt and a loose hoodie sweatshirt. I was going for comfort and light-weight fabrics (I took off the sweatshirt before weighing in, of course!)  I remember exactly what I thought about how I looked. I thought that I looked fine for the Weight Watchers meeting, but that I would have to go home and change before I went to the bank and to the store. In the end, I did not go home to change, but in my mind I kept thinking that if I was secretly being filmed for an episode of What Not to Wear, Clinton and Stacy would skewer my clothing choice.

Fabulous Gina then asked us what we liked about our body. One lady said she liked her ankles; another lady liked that she was cancer-free. One lady said she liked her quick wit; another lady couldn't think of anything she liked about her body (we all have times like that, don't we?).'

Again, I didn't speak up during the meeting, but I have thought about it. Here's what I like about myself right now.

I like my head. I like my hair: the cut and the color. I like my eyes and my smile. I like that I can see my cheekbones a little bit. I like my brain

I also like my knees. I'm happy to have two knees that don't give me any pain. I can't even tell you how long it has been since I can make that statement. It's been so long that I don't remember when they didn't hurt.

Weight Watchers seems to be putting more emphasis on non-scale things this year and emphasizing changing the way you think about yourself. I think everyone knows that you can't be loved by others if you don't love yourself. Often when you carry extra weight you cannot love yourself because you (I) feel like a failure when I look in the mirror or when I eat something that I know isn't a good choice over and over again. WW wants us to focus on being kind to ourselves and being self-compassionate. They define self-compassion as "cutting yourself some slack when you slip up...while still being accountable for your actions." I like that idea.

Those .4 lbs that I dropped the week before last came back on this past Saturday. I had a little trouble managing my feeding times as I went back to work part time. I'm having the same trouble this week, but I think I fixed it. Next week I'll be going back to work full time, so I'll need to reset my feeding time schedule again. It will be okay. I feel like the number on the scale will be up this week and that bums me out, but I did it and I own it and I can and will do better.

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