Thursday, March 9, 2017

#1831 throwback Thursday - jumbotron madness

The photo above is  of T and his friend Hagen in the suite at the Jazz game back in March 2012. They are jumping around and having a blast, which is why they are blurry.

The picture itself isn't very great, but it reminds me of what happened during this moment.

Like most sports arenas, there is a big jumbo-tron that hangs above the court. During time-outs, cameras pan the crowd and show fans on the big screen who are dancing or who look like they are having fun. The thing is that fans in the suites rarely show up on the big screen.

Except on this night, Hagen and T were on the jumbo-tron. They were so energetic and manic that they would not be denied and somehow a camera found them and they had their 15 seconds of glory on the big screen at the game. They were so incredibly excited and out of their minds. I wish I had filmed them on the screen, but it happened so fast, all I could get were a couple of photos of their excitement.

T is quiet and mellow. Hagen totally drove this adventure and opportunity. That kid was fueled up on soda and dessert cart. I believe he is clutching a Coca-Cola in this photo. I apologized to his mom when I took him home that night because he was still buzzing. It was very fun to see them get so hyped.

Good times!

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