Friday, March 10, 2017

#1832 foodie Friday - the rut

I find myself in a bit of a food rut lately. What I mean is, I basically only want to eat tacos but I know that if eat tacos every day then I'll start to not like tacos and then where would I be?

One of my favorite ways to look up new food ideas is to browse Pinterest. Over how ever long I've had my Pinterest account, I have been pinning potentially delicious meals on a board I called Food Wonderful Food. There were well over 100 pins on that board. Some I knew I would never make, but there were others that had potential. In some kind of weird purging trance, I deleted my Food Wonderful Food board last weekend. My rationale was that if I haven't made the meals I'd pinned there by now, I wouldn't, so I should just start over. I had another board called Sweets that was full of pins of lovely looking cookies and brownies and cakes and pies. I deleted it too. Same reason.

This week I found that I missed those boards. I used to browse through them when I was thinking of making something new but didn't know what it would be. Now I have to start searching from scratch again.

I have kind of a formula for planning our dinners. I like to try a recipe I've never made before one night. One night we'll have a tried and true favorite (like tacos!); pasta one night; eggs on another night. Leftovers and a fend-for-yourself night that might be leftovers or soup or something that gets thrown together, but it's every man for himself. Lately our dinners have just been MT and me because T is working or hanging out with his friends.

Now that I'm going back to work full time (starting Monday), I have to figure out stuff to take for lunch. I can't handle a dog food diet. No - that doesn't mean eating actual dog food. It means eating the same thing every day like a dog. I give my dog the same food every day twice a day. It's fine for her because she's a dog, but I like variety! MT eats the same cereal every day for breakfast. When he was working a "W-2" job, he took a sandwich, cookies and fruit every day. Maybe the dog food diet works for men because I know a few men who eat the same thing daily. It does cut down on the decision process, but again, I like variety.

Another consideration I make about the food is the WW Points Plus value. I don't want to use lots of points on one meal, so I have to think about whether the meal is worth the points and if I can make some substitutions to make it more WW friendly.

So many things to think about!!

I'm going to try really hard to make nice food this week. I'll let you know next Friday if I succeeded.

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