Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#1848 bad luck with fences

MT is working on his next fixer upper project. We bought the house for cash in November. It's a complete disaster inside and every single surface needs to be touched.. It's pretty awful. I guess it's a good thing it is not a very big house, but it is certainly going to take time and money to make it livable. MT already knows how he wants to fix it up. I'm excited to watch the progress.

He went over to the house on Saturday to work on some more demolition. He had Dave, T and Connor with him. When they got there, MT sent me a text with a photo of a broken chain link fence and the words: Another fence lost to a drunk driver.

At the first fixer upper, there was a chain link fence around the yard. On St. Patricks Day last year, a drunk driver jumped the curb, crashed into the fence and dragged part of it down the road.

The current fixer upper had a chain link fence running between the neighbor's house and our property. I say "had" because on Friday night, a drunk driver failed to turn and plowed straight ahead into the fence and continued on to crash into the neighbor's garage. The damage is pretty mind-boggling. I took a few photos.

This is the neighbor's garage. It is set way back off the street. It is built of cinder blocks and as you can see, the corner was totally demolished. See that wooden brace that is holding up the roof? The Utah Disaster Kleenup crew (that is the name of the business; I don't know why they spelled it like that) put that up so they could dismantle the garage without the roof falling down on them. In this same photo, if you look on the ground next to the driveway, you'll see the chain link fence and some poles. That was ours. I didn't take a photo of the front of the yard where the chain link fence was bent all to hell.

The vehicle hit the building with a lot of force, so much so that the block wall behind the building was crumpled. The back of the building looks awful, too. I couldn't take a good photo of that, though. This photo is taken from our back yard. A bit to the left, not pictured, is where the fence along the back of our property is crunched in. I should explain that the fence and the building were once all on the same line, not you can clearly see that the fence is a good three inches or more off the building wall.

A view of the garage from our back door, and the souvenir that was left from the accident. Yes, that is the door from the vehicle. All those poles you see on the ground were from our fence.

I mean DAMN! This has to be the driver's side door, right?

A local news crew came by to report on the story. Check it out here.


Kteach said...

WOW lucky nobody in the houses were injured. Does home owner's insurance cover the damage?

Lizzie Wann said...

so in the news footage, is that your house on the left?