Wednesday, June 14, 2017

#1885 tonight at Red Butte Garden

I just barely got home. I was at Red Butte Garden recording everything that is blooming in the Children's Garden area. (There is a lot of blooming going on up there!) Then I had to take a quick walk through the whole garden because why wouldn't I? I didn't go up to the Water Conservation Garden though. I'll have to go up there next time to watch the sunset.

The evening is my most favorite time to go to RBG. There aren't as many people and the ones who are there are quietly strolling around. It's peaceful. Tonight was absolutely perfect weather and (I know I say this every time) but the garden is spectacular right now. The Rose Garden is incredible. Everything in there is blooming and it smells amazing. Red Butte Creek is full and the waterfall is gushing. The baby ducks are now fluffy teenage ducks, but they are still cute in an awkward way. The Fragrance Garden is, well, fragrant. There is so much lavender and so many roses. It is the best kind of overwhelming.

Now it's 10 pm already. I better get to bed if I want to get to that 5:30 class at the gym.

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Pappy1 said...

Nice that you have a pleasant place. Wonderful place.