Tuesday, June 13, 2017

#1884 three things Tuesday edition

Sometimes you can't think of one big thing to write about, but you can think of three little things.

1. My Apple watch makes me feel lazy/getting back to the gym. I think I wrote last week about my new toy, the Apple watch. I got it through my work from the healthy lifestyle program they have. Apple watches are expensive, and this little toy isn't free UNLESS you meet certain activity guidelines during a month. Nicole helped me set my guidelines up which are based on my height and weight. It turns out that in order to not pay anything for the watch, I have to burn 650 active calories a day. I am currently averaging about around 350. I am not doing anything other than regular living. My payment time doesn't start until July 1, so it's ok, but I still feel lazy. I bought myself a four week pass to the gym and I intend to start going. Actually I was going to go to a class this morning but at 4:45 AM when my alarm went off (class is at 5:30), I opted for more sleep and no exercise. How did I do those classes at 5:30? I want to get back to it though.  I don't need this toy to tell me what a chunky lazybones I am! Wish me luck.

2. Will this book ever end? I have been slogging my way through a book. It will have taken me an unheard of 20 - 21 days to finish it. I don't really like it, but I'm so close to being done that I don't want to give up. I don't like the characters and I pretty much don't care what happens to them, but I feel like the author is making me look one way and then in the last few pages she will blindside me with something much more important that I know is important but she hasn't gotten around to it yet. Ugh. I'm not gonna tell you what book it is until I'm finished.

3. Looking forward. I'm so excited! On Sunday night MT and I are going to see Ryan Adams in concert at the new Eccles Theater.  I splurged a bit on these tickets because I REALLY wanted to go. Our seats are in the fourth row. Ryan Adams is so great. We saw him last year at Red Butte Garden and he was fantastic. I've seen some set lists from this tour and I'm pretty sure the show will be amazing.

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