Thursday, July 6, 2017

#1904 throwback Thursday: road trip

In July 2010, T and I went on a road trip with my mom and dad. We drove from Salt Lake through Wyoming and up to South Dakota to see the Crazy Horse Monument, Mt. Rushmore and the town of Deadwood. I really liked Mt. Rushmore, but I don't have any good photos of the place. We got there later in the day, more like early evening time so it was pretty dark for picture taking. I remember we watched a presentation that was interesting.

Mostly we spent a lot of time in the truck driving through Wyoming. There is a lot of empty space and antelope in Wyoming. We made a few stops along the way to visit frontier forts. I'd have to look back at my journal entries for details, but mostly what I remember about those stops was how nice it was to get out of the truck and walk around and also watching T with his grandparents.

I have two photos to share today because I couldn't decide on just one. Both photos are from this western adventure.

This first one is my mom at the Crazy Horse Monument.

This next one is T and my dad being silly at a fort in Wyoming.

I always feel thankful that we took this trip together. It was fun to be with my parents and my son and I was glad to see all the things we saw.


Kteach said...

That was a fun trip :)

Pappy1 said...

Despite all the driving across vast open country (which I enjoy) it was a great trip. I enjoyed it very much.