Saturday, July 8, 2017

#1905 Bluebird Cafe Concert Series

Last night MT and I did something we haven't done before. We went to the Sundance Resort to the Bluebird Cafe Concert Series. A friend of mine at work had the tickets but was unable to use them, so he offered the tickets to us. I'm so glad we got to go! It is completely beautiful up there, the venue is lovely and the music was great too.

The concept of the concert series is cool. The Bluebird Cafe is in Nashville and they have singer/songwriter showcases daily, I think. Sundance has partnered with the Bluebird Cafe and three singer/songwriters come to Sundance for a concert. There are four concerts in the series and last night was the first show of the season. They said last night that this is the 15th year of the partnership. And it was our first time going! Not the last though.

The three performers last night were Charlie Worsham, Luke Dick, and Travis Meadows.  I hadn't heard of any of them. I don't listen to much country music so I didn't know that had written songs they had each written songs that were recorded by some big country stars. They performed some of the songs, too, but the only way I knew that the songs were known was the audience reaction.

The format of the concert was that the three performers all came out together, sat together on the stage and took turns telling a story and singing a song. They performed for two hours and it was completely wonderful. The venue is fantastic, as I mentioned. We were sitting up on the mountain above the stage on the grass. We couldn't really see the artists, but we could hear perfectly.

Each of the artists were unique and very talented. I liked Charlie the best, but the other two were great also. They each had a few songs that I really liked. Overall it was just super pleasant to sit in the cool mountain air, listen to some good music and relax. The vibe up there is mellow and quiet. I think there were quite a few people there (lots of cars in the parking lots!) but it didn't feel crowded and it was very easy to get out of the parking lot and back on the road. MT and I were both buzzing after the show because we had such a great time.

There are two shows in August and I think that we will go to at least one of those shows. What a great experience! Here are a few pics:

Our view of the stage

More of the amphitheater

So pretty!

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