Monday, July 10, 2017

#1906 simple pleasure Monday: giving yourself permission

I think I live a pretty busy, full life. I work full time. I volunteer about five hours a week at Red Butte Garden. I go to the gym regularly (a newish habit, or a returning habit). I cook and clean and do regular stuff around the house like everyone does. I read. I watch TV. I write. I take pictures. Sometimes I watch movies. Mostly during the week I am go go going.

Yesterday, Sunday, I couldn't go anymore. I was tired and worn out. It was hot as all get out here in SLC. The air is so dry that it just sucks out every bit of moisture and goodwill. I had spent about five four hours at RBG on Saturday. Part of the time I was in the shade but there was no breeze to speak of and when a little breeze did come along, it just felt like a hair dryer blowing on me.

So Sunday I just wasn't in the mood to do much of anything. I napped several times lying on my bed with the fan blowing right on me. I read a whole book. I did go out to get a pedicure and to buy a few groceries, but other than that, I was mostly horizontal. MT thought we might go up to the mountains for a little hike, but I was not into it. I did NOT complete my circles yesterday. I wasn't even close to burning all my calories or getting all my steps.

And I was okay with all of that laziness.

My simple pleasure today is remembering how good it felt to tell myself that it was all right to rest and relax and recover. It was good to just read a book and enjoy the story and not worry about doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom. I just was. It felt dang good.

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