Wednesday, July 12, 2017

#1907 WW Wednesday: assertiveness and recharging

The Weight Watcher meeting on Saturday focused on the need to be assertive . We talked about asking for what you want, whether it is special food preparation at a restaurant or getting support from your family or friends. I was surprised by how many of the women said they had a hard time being assertive, but mostly with their family or friends. They can go into a restaurant and happily ask for dressing on the side and a to go box to put half the meal in, but when it comes to asking for support from their spouse or their co-workers, they have a hard time with it.

One of the ladies mistakes assertiveness for aggressiveness. She said, "When I go to a restaurant, I tell the server I want my chicken grilled without butter and if there is butter on that chicken I will take it back to the cook and give him a piece of my mind." Sure you will, lady. Why do you feel you need to make dumb threats? Ugh. After the comment, another lady piped up with, "Aren't you afraid they will spit on your food if you talk like that?" Those words made me laugh.

Another part of our meeting was spent talking about the word "Recharge". We are having a summer challenge where if you attend so many meetings you get a charm. It's a WW thing. Part of the challenge is that we have a vision board and they give us stickers each week for the board. The stickers have a word on them. This week's word is Recharge, hence the discussion.

When I think of recharging, I think of my beloved iPhone and how I plug it in every night to recharge the battery. When I need to recharge myself, I like to go somewhere away from home and away from work. That being said, I am on my way to recharge: I'm going to San Diego and La Mirada this weekend to spend some time with my first family. Hanging out with my sister is a sure way to recharge because we always have fun together. Spending time with my parents is always peaceful and restful. I like to sit out on the swing and look at my mom's garden or just sit on the couch and read or nap or chat or watch TV.

Make sure you are assertive (not aggressive) and try to find some time to recharge yourself, too!

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