Thursday, July 20, 2017

#1908 from San Diego to San Francisco

Okay...break's over (for a minute).

I got back to town on Tuesday the 18th, which is an even numbered day and I was going to write, but I was so tired out from my whirlwind trip to San Diego (and La Mirada) that I had to rest! Truly, though, I had so much fun hanging out with my sister in her town. When we are together we go go go. By the time we got to our parent's house on Sunday we needed the rest. :)

We walked all over the downtown area, from Petco Park in East Village over to Pacific Coast Highway in Little Italy and down along the harbor. I guess we didn't go much further east than the building where Lizzie lives, but we still covered plenty of ground. Actually, we did go into the east county area to the town of Ramona.

Good times!

This weekend I will be heading to northern California with MT.  We are flying to Oakland on Saturday, then driving up the coast to Bodega Bay. We will maybe take a walk on the beach or go for a hike in Point Reyes. On Sunday we will drive back to San Francisco and go watch the Giants play the Padres! I'm looking forward to meeting up with my friend Chef Brigid on Sunday evening, too. MT hasn't been out of town for awhile and the dude could use a little break. He has not punched many fun tickets this year.

Feeling pretty lucky about being able to get out of town for a few days.

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Anonymous said...

Take pictures and have a good time!!! Besos