Monday, July 24, 2017

#1909 a break from the heat

Here's what I know without a doubt in my mind:


MT and I spent the weekend in the Bay Area and the temperatures were easily 30 degrees cooler than it is here. We wore sweatshirts and sweaters in the evenings.

You know how when you walk off the airplane and you cross over onto the jetway and there is a little outside air that hits you between the plane and the airport itself. That 94 degree air hit me and my skin, which had been deliciously hydrated, immediately shriveled and dried out. It's true!

We had a really good time this weekend. We strolled on a beach, we drank some grown-up beverages, we got to hang out with friends, we had great seats for the baseball game and we had some quality time to ourselves during which we didn't have to worry about a certain house getting sold because that is now officially done and over with! HOORAY!

I did take a few photos, but of course I haven't downloaded them onto my computer yet. I guess that will give me something to do and to write about in the coming days.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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