Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#1910 weekend in the Bay Area

I mentioned in the last post that MT and I went to the Bay Area last weekend. I've downloaded the pics, so here's the highlights in photo form!

On Saturday morning we flew into Oakland, rented a car and drove to Bodega Bay. Traffic was not nice and I hadn't eaten, so by the time we got to Bodega Bay, I was hangry. I picked a restaurant called The Tides Wharf & Restaurant. The best thing I can say about the restaurant was that it had a big parking lot and the view of the bay was spectacular.

view of Bodega Bay from inside the restaurant
After our poorly served and overpriced meal, MT and I decided to go over to Dillon Beach to take a walk. The beach there is wide and long and the sand is the perfect firmness down near the very cold water. We walked from one end of the beach to the other and back. It was probably about four miles or so. It felt so good to get out in the sunshine and not be all sweaty! The temperature was cool and completely wonderful.

view of coastline from Dillon Beach
After our walk, we drove back to Bodega Bay and checked into our hotel, The Inn at the Tides. This was the view from our room.

view of Bodega Bay from the hotel
We hung around in the room for a little while, then crossed the road to the restaurant/bar/store. I wanted to see the sunset, so we had a drink at the bar and waited. The sunset did not disappoint.


pretty clouds
There was a sea lion swimming around in the bay that we could see every now and again right from our seat in the bar. We could hear other sea lions barking in the distance. Interesting side note: the only cola that was available at this place was RC Cola. Can you believe that?

We decided to have a picnic in our hotel room, so we bought a loaf of sourdough bread, some salami and some cheese. Our room came with a complimentary bottle of chardonnay, so we had a northern California feast!

dinner in our room
The room did not have air conditioning, so we had the windows open. In the morning we were very cold because outside it was all foggy.

foggy morning in Bodega Bay
We got ourselves ready and headed out of town, but stopped in Bodega (a separate little town) to see the church that was used in the film The Birds (which was filmed in Bodega Bay, if you didn't know!)

St. Teresa of Avila church in Bodega
As you can see the sky was very clear and blue up on the hill.

We drove into San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge.

fog at the Golden Gate Bridge
We met some friends at a bar/restaurant called the Buena Vista. Irish coffee was invented there. I am not a coffee drinker, but I had a glass. I could taste the whiskey way more than I could taste the coffee. It was pretty damn good.

Irish coffee at the Buena Vista

so San Francisco!
After breakfast and coffee, we headed through the city to get to the ballpark.

San Francisco!
 Our hotel was directly across the street from the ballpark, so we checked in, parked the car and crossed the street to go watch the Padres play the Giants. Our seats were phenomenal.

four rows behind the Giants dugout

#28 is Buster Posey!

A T & T Park is so lovely
There was not much of a breeze down on the field level, so we went up to the suite. The view from up there was damn nice too.

upper level view of McCovey Cove and A T & T Park
I love baseball and it was a real treat to be at the game. My two favorite teams were playing, so I couldn't go wrong. The Padres won, by the way.

After the game we crossed the street to our hotel. We relaxed for an hour or so, then we walked to a restaurant called Little Skillet to meet our friend Brigid for dinner. I was going to have the chicken and waffles, but they were out of waffles, so I had the andouille and cheddar grits. (It was a flavors of Louisiana restaurant.) So good! And of course the best part was hanging out with MT and Brigid!

Yeah. I have zero chill
We came back to hot dry SLC early Monday afternoon. It was Pioneer Day, a local holiday, so I didn't miss any work. What a fantastic weekend for us! Such a treat to get out of town and enjoy some cool weather and do some really fun things. MT and I agreed that we need to have a few more weekend get-aways in our lives. #couple goals


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Nice trip! Nice pictures :) besos

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great re-cap, loved the photos!