Friday, July 28, 2017

#1911 I think this is it

After I wrote here on Wednesday about the trip to the San Francisco area, I realized that I hadn't even written about the trip in my personal journal. I write more here than I write privately. I don't know if that is good or bad, but it got me to thinking about this space that I have been writing in for awhile and I think I might be done.

I've been writing here since 7/29/07. I didn't even realize it was ten years nearly to the day. but it is. I looked back through all the posts to the start and the symmetry made me smile.

When I think about not writing in this space I feel a little sad because it has been a nice outlet for me to practice my writing. Then I think of all the days that I didn't take the time to write about my life in my personal journal and I think I will feel even more sad that I chose to share stories here with 15 people instead of putting the stories in my journal where I will look back through them over the years.

Thanks for checking in. Thanks for your comments - nearly all from family and I appreciate your participation. It just feels like it's time to stop.


Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Marvin and I look forward everyday to checking your blog and look at the pictures and reading about your life. Sure writing in your journal is very nice, but it will be for your eyes only. Maybe you can just write in your blog a couple times a month rather than daily? You live far from us and is a way to know about your life. But of course is up to you.
It'll be missed

Lizzie Wann said...

I have always thought ironically how I first started a blog, then you, Mom & Dad all started one, and you all write in your respective blogs way more than I do! It's incredible that it's been 10 years!

I will also be sad to not read about your life, but admittedly, I am lax in looking them up. I mean, this post is almost a week old. I will binge-read all the blogs every week or two to catch up on everything.

I'm surprised by your decision, but I respect it.


emtes said...

I was so sad to read that you will stop writing :-( It has been a way for me to sort of take part of your lives though I'm far away. I am very bad myself in writing on my blog, I know, but I do post a lot on Facebook and Instagram and also lot of photos so I hope you feel like you are a part of my life too.

Since Eddie was born I have had so much time with him and he's so precious. With my work, Eddie, my kids, the Rheumatic association and more I had to make choices and one was that writing my blog took too long. Facebook and Instagram is easier and I do hope you will continue post there. I love you photos from the wonderful Butte (?) garden and I hope to see much more.

I would have loved to come over but it's so expensive for us now to go anywhere really so I can't afford it. But you should have great possibilities since the dollar is so strong against the Sw Crown. So maybe I will see you here soon :-)

Love you,
Aunt Mia <3 <3