Sunday, May 31, 2015

#1454 the fixer upper: wall work

This week MT has been working on the walls in the main living areas of the house. He covered over those ugly shelves:

Pic 1: Before  

Pic 2: After
He also finished the work where there had been a wall dividing the rooms. Last week I showed you a pic of him doing some mud work where the beam had been. It looked like this:

Pic 3: MT working on the dividing area between 2 rooms last week
Now it looks like this:

Pic 4: MT showing me where he did the work to cover the bean

Pic 5: way before

Another difference from the Pic 5 (which is one of the early photos) to Pic 4 (from this week) is that MT rebuilt the wall that had the ugly wallpaper on it and made it a nice wall free of wallpaper and now about ready for paint.

You may notice sort of a yellowish/brownish tinge to the walls in this weeks photos. MT spent the weekend spraying texture onto the walls in the main living areas. I tried to take some photos of the texture, but it's pretty tough to take a photo where you can appreciate the work. It will look good when it's painted.

MT was telling me that he was really pleased with the progress he made this week. He's doing a great job!

I finished this book. Please check out the 2015 Reading List page.

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