Sunday, November 8, 2015

#1539 the fixer upper - flooring, trim and a new furance

I haven't been very good about showing you the progress on the fixer upper. That's certainly not to say that MT hasn't been working his tail off on the place. He's making a lot of progress!

MT has got all the tile done in the main bathroom and has installed the toilet. Here are some pics:

tile in the main bathroom shower

tile around the jetted tub in the main bathroom

I didn't take a photo of the toilet because it's just a regular commode. I will have to get a photo of the tile floor in there, though. It's nice. We also had a new obscured glass window put in. The previous owners didn't have obscured glass. They had just painted the window dark blue. Not very nice.

During the last couple of weeks of October and so far this month, MT has painted the main living areas of the house and the bedrooms with the exception of the master bedroom. We chose a grey color but when he put in on the walls, there a definite lilac/purple-y tinge to it. It doesn't look bad, but wasn't the straight-up grey we were looking for.

With the majority of the painting done, he is now installing the flooring. We chose to go with a wood laminate floor in the dining room, living room and the back bedrooms that I refer to as bedrooms 3, 4 and 5. Actually, bedroom 5 will be more of a den because it has no windows or closet. It's a big enough room for a bed, but we can't advertise it as a five bedroom house without a window or closet.

As MT finishes installing the flooring in the room, he is doing the trim, too. He told me that the trim is his favorite part. He is custom making the trim because he doesn't like the trim at the store.  To make the trim, he buys wood, planes it, cuts it the size he wants it, paints it in advance and installs it. He will touch up the paint after installation before we are ready to sell so it looks all fresh and awesome.

trim staging area and completed trim on the closet in bedroom 4

main living space with flooring installed and saw set up for cutting trim

trim along the baseboards and pieces that are ready to install

flooring and paint storage in bedroom 3

nice view of the flooring in bedroom/den
The big (dollar) item of work that was done this week was the installation of the new heating system! It came just in time for the colder weather so MT won't freeze while he's working in there this winter. MT did not install the furnace and air conditioner and all the duct work; he hired an HVAC guy that he likes, Brandon, to do that job. Brandon has worked in our other properties too and does a good job. He's really busy so it took some time for him to come over. I'm glad he did, though!

new furnace!

When my sister was here in October, MT and I showed her around the fixer upper. It's a big job and MT has the vision and the skills to get it done. We are hoping to have it finished by March because that seems to be a primo house buying time around here. There is still a lot of work to be done, but MT can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Kteach said...

Damn that's a lot of work for a person, it's a good thing he has the skills to do it :)

Lizzie Wann said...

wow, he's gotten a lot done since I was there! glad the furnace is in :)