Friday, October 12, 2018

#2104 a great Friday

The sun was shining. The sky the blue. The air was cool and crisp. In other words, it was a perfect fall day in Salt Lake City, so that was already a great start.

I went out to lunch with my friends Kelsie and Nicole. Several months ago, Kelsie decided that we needed to get lobster rolls from the Freshies food truck, so she figured out the the truck would be at the Gateway today, October 12, and she put an appointment on our calendars so we would be sure to go. We went over to the Gateway and there were three or four food trucks there, but not the Freshies truck. What?! We felt sad. Nicole quickly discovered that Freshies had a restaurant in Salt Lake City (we knew there was one in Park City) and we weren't too far from the SLC location, so we headed over there for lunch.

Confession: I've never had a lobster roll, so I was pretty excited to try one and I was not disappointed. It was delicious. Very lobster-y and buttery.

I can't afford to have it too often, but it will be a fantastic special treat. I'll have to take MT over there sometime. I think he would like it.

The bottom line is that going to lunch with my friends is always great, and the addition of a new place with yummy food made it even better!

I had another first time experience tonight. You may recall that I have talked about #EkpesBookClub here before. It's a Twitter-based book club that is run by Ekpe Udoh who happens to play for the Utah Jazz. Tonight Ekpe hosted his very first "Author 's Talk" in which he invited the author of the last book we read in the book club, Brad Parks, to come and talk to a group of book club members. The event was held at the Zions Bank Basketball Center which is where the Jazz practice.

I got there kind of early and was waiting in the lobby with a few other people when Ekpe walked in. He was super nice and hugged each of us and thanked us for coming. Thanked us! There was a table of snacks for us: cheese, fruit, chips and dip and some desserts. It was lovely. I'm guessing there were 30 people there. Brad and Ekpe sat at the front and chatted. Brad sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (really well, by the way). Brad talked about the process of writing the book Say Nothing and then there was a question and answer period. After that, we had a group photo and Brad signed books and Ekpe posed for pics with anyone who wanted one. It was all very friendly and wonderful. Ekpe said that he would schedule another Author's Talk for December (hopefully not when I'm in Georgia!) And he'll be announcing our next book really soon.

Lol. I just noticed that I was so excited I forgot to hold the book up properly!

You can check out my review of the Say Nothing on the 2018 Reading List page if you want.

Now I'm at home watching Utah football beat up on Arizona.

A great Friday.

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