Tuesday, July 10, 2012

#719 it's baseball season!

I just watched the Major League Baseball All-Star game. The All-Star game marks the middle of the season, but for me, it kind of is the start of the season.

Baseball season is long. The pre-season, spring training, starts for some players in mid-February. The regular season usually starts around the beginning of April and lasts until about the first week or so of September. They play 162 games. Then there's the post-season, and that usually lasts until the end  of October or even the first few days of November. I've watched World Series games on Halloween night.

So as much as I love baseball, and I do love it, that's a really long time. In March, I watch college basketball and the NBA. When March Madness is over, I'm all about the NBA (although I am all about the NBA, especially the Jazz, from the beginning of basketball season anyway.) The NBA season just wrapped up in June, so now I'm really ready to pay attention to baseball.

Someday I'll tell you the story of how I fell in love with baseball, but I can't tonight. On Sunday and Monday night, I got to bed after 11:00, and it's wearing me out!

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