Thursday, July 26, 2012

#735 Costa Rica, a new knee and the Olympics

I have not written all I want to write about the trip to Belize. I know I've got at least two more posts in me - one about food and one about Tikal.

Neither of those is going to happen tonight, though. I got sucked into watching a show on the Travel Channel. I think it was called "Top Stop". In the episode I watched, a newlywed couple looked at three different resorts in Costa Rica and then chose one to stay at for their honeymoon. All three places looked amazing. One was in the rain forest near an active volcano, one was on a mountain above the Pacific Ocean and had gorgeous views, and the third was right on the Pacific coast and had rain forest around it as well.

If you know me, you know that I would pick the third place. I love to be near the beach, and this particular resort, Hotel Punta Islita, looked spectacular. There is even a little nine hole par three golf course. You can take surf lessons. There's an eight cable zip line that takes an hour and a half. It all seems pretty great to me. Costa Rica is definitely on our list! I don't know if Punta Islita is where we would go, but all three of us are intrigued by Costa Rica.

On a completely different note, tomorrow I will meet with the orthopedic surgeon about getting a new knee! I'm terrifically excited and terrified. MT is coming with me to the appointment, and I'm glad about that. We have a list of questions, so hopefully we'll get those questions answered and come away with a date for the surgery.

After that appointment, I'm watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony! I love the Olympics!

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