Friday, November 30, 2012

#823 waste of time or mind-relaxer?

Well...I have just spent the past 90 minutes or so playing games on FB. Almost the entire time I was sitting here playing, I was thinking:

 "My God! My eyes are so tired from staring at my computer."

"My back hurts."

"Just one more game." 

"Wow! I have a headache."

"Jeez, I need to pee."

But I kept on playing. I could have been watching a movie or reading my book or petting my dog and listening to music and lying down flat on my bed, but no. I assumed the position I've been in all day long, sitting in front of a computer, squinting at the screen. No wonder I have crow's feet around my eyes.

The thing is, though, it was pretty fun. My mind shut down and became a little vegetative, and I think that's ok. The company got their money's worth the past couple of days, at least, and I'm ready to enjoy the weekend.

My sister had a little something on her blog the other day (Nov. 27) about writing love letters in December. I've been thinking about it, and I think I'd like to do it. I enjoy writing and this might be a fun exercise.  If you think you might like to do it, too, here's the link.

I'm a little obsessed with the stats of this blog. I find it kind of fascinating that people would click here and read the nonsense that I spew out. In November, the most viewed post was the one I wrote last Sunday called "satisfied". I think there were 64 views of it this week. Thanks for checking it out. :)

Now it's nearly 10:00 on Friday night and guess what? I'm going to bed. MT and T are downstairs watching a movie. I'm planning to get up early tomorrow to go to spinning class! It will be my first attempt since the knee surgery. I'm going to take it easy and see how she (the knee) feels about the whole thing, but I'm pretty excited about getting back into it. I have missed being sweaty! I'm also looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow. I've been good about keeping track of my food intake and drinking water and I'd like to see a bit of a loss. I don't expect it to be big, but every little bit helps and minuses are waaaaaaay more motivating that pluses!

Another November has come and gone with 30 posts from me. Mom and Sis tackled the daily post challenge and did great. I love reading about what they are doing. The every day stuff makes me feel a little closer to them because I see that they are just doing normal things like me. Good job guys!!

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emtes said...

I second that Sandy :-) I really love reading about your day to day life and I feel a bit closer to you all.
Even though they don't think it's anything to write about it is to me :-)
I know I myself has been very bad this autumn and don't seem to take time to write but I will try to better myself.
Puss och kram
från Mia :-)