Friday, January 25, 2013

#857 MT and I go out on a Friday night

Oh boy. It's nearly 11:30 on a Friday night and I'm still awake, but I'm yawning and wearing down. "Why are you still up? Don't you usually hit the sack by 10:00 on Friday night?" I hear you asking yourselves. Yes, I do, but tonight was special. MT and I went out.

The Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Utah began their annual conference today and the "fun" event of the conference is on Friday night. This year, it was a "Western Night" theme. Kelsie's husband, Josh, was a judge in the bull riding contest, so Kelsie asked MT and I if we would want to go hang out with them and have some fun. We decided to go.

We had a good time. There was an open bar for an hour or so before dinner, so we got a drink. You could have your picture taken in front of a backdrop of Arches National Park wearing cowboy gear. We passed on that, though. The dinner was a buffet that was pretty good. I had mostly salad with a small slice of chicken or was it turkey?) and a bit of salmon. There was also beef, but it was way too rare for me. I do not like it when the meat is pink.

Since Josh was a bull-riding judge, we had a table right up front near the mechanical bull. Anyone who even got on the bull was entered into a drawing for a 47" TV. It wasn't enough incentive for MT or me. MT's back is bothering him and I didn't want to land on my new knee is some absurd way. It was sure fun to watch everyone, though!

The faces of the people were priceless! Some looked plain terrified and some looked like they didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Watching the people get up on the bull was hilarious. Some of the guys just hopped up on the thing like it was nothing. Others looked like they were holding on for dear life to the last piece of wood from the Titanic. Lots of people had help getting up on the bull. The bull (or rather the sadistic bull operator) took care of making sure people got off the bull in a hurry. Some people flew off, but most people just sort of slipped, not very gracefully, off the side. A couple went over the top. Really funny! We weren't going to stay as long as we did, but we got sucked into the fun of watching and cheering for everyone.

My favorite was when Kelsie took a turn on the bull - I took a video for her to show her kids. She said she got really dizzy. Her face didn't look like she was having fun; she looked like she was concentrating really hard. She stayed on for a long time! Josh used to be a rodeo guy - I think he rode the bucking horses - and he took a turn, too. He did well. There were some other people there from Granite who rode, too and they did good.

When the bull riding was over, we left. It was around 10. Then I had to watch the last quarter of the Jazz vs Lakers. It was a waste of my time. The Jazz weren't really playing and the Lakers won easily. Who knows? Maybe the lopsided victory over the Jazz will awaken the Lakers and they will go back to being the Lakers that win instead of the sub-.500 team they are currently. I hope not, though.

So now I am going to bed. I've got a lot planned for tomorrow, so we'll see how it all goes :)

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