Monday, September 23, 2013

#1020 starting at the end

My mom has a habit of reading the last chapter or the last few pages of a book to find out how it ends before she even starts to read the book. I don't do that. I just start reading and follow the story along until it's over.


This summer T decided to start watching the TV show Breaking Bad on Netflix. He was really into it and watched all the seasons in anticipation of the final eight episodes. I had seen snippets of some of the episodes, but I didn't watch. I knew about the story (high school chemistry teacher gets cancer and starts to make meth to get money for his family), and it didn't really interest me.

But then...

As T would tell me a little more about the show, I started to get interested. I had no idea how much people were into the show until I actually started listening. There were guys at work that were all excited about the final eight episodes, and I saw stuff online and T was so excited that I decided to watch the first of the final episodes.

I knew just enough about the story from what T had told me that I was able to follow along. The writing is so excellent; the character development is outstanding and now that I have seen seven episodes, I am completely hooked and wondering how in the world this story is going to end on Sunday.

AMC is showing a Breaking Bad marathon starting on Wednesday: all 61 episodes leading up to the final episode on Sunday. Is there something wrong with me that I momentarily considered taking Thursday and Friday off work so I could watch the marathon? I'd probably just watch it on Netflix so I wouldn't have to deal with pesky commercials.

I'm not going to watch the 54 episodes that I haven't seen. But it occurred to me that my delayed interest in the show is something like reading the last chapter of a novel to find out the ending before I begin reading the book. I'm not as invested in the characters as I know I would be if I read the story (saw the whole series) first, but I'm interested enough to want to know the ending.

Can you tell I'm looking forward to Sunday night?

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