Saturday, September 28, 2013

#1022 techie genius, loving daughter, TV watcher and awesome mom - that's me

OOPS! Tuesday was my last post? Jeez...this week flew by although it seemed slowed while I was in it. Let me think about why I didn't have time to post any fascinating words :)

On Wednesday night MT and I watched Survivor, then I was reading or something and MT was monkeying around on the computer. It looked like he was downloading something and I really don't like anyone to download stuff on the computers unless I know about it. (Yes, I'm a bit of a control freak.) MT purchased a flash drive with like, 40,000 books on it, and he was trying to figure out to get some of the books from the flash drive to his Kindle. Who do you think figured it out? That's right...this girl. It took awhile, but MT is a happy man. I wonder if there is anything I would like to read in all of those titles? It will take some time to look through them, but there might be something in there that I would like.

On Thursday I watched Glee. It made me teary, of course. I didn't watch all of last season. It's not the same musical magic that it used to be. I don't really like some of the new kids. I'll give it a couple of more episodes. After the show, though, I decided to call my parents. I  hadn't spoken to them for awhile and I wanted to catch up.

Yesterday was Friday. MT finally finished up the remodel of the rental we bought in October. The last job he was on was Monday through Saturday, so he only had Sunday available to work on the house. Since he's not working anymore, he was able to devote himself full time to the rental project and he got it all done on yesterday and the new tenants were moving in that evening. I went over with MT to check out the finished product and he did a great job. Honestly, when we bought the place, I wanted to strangle MT and our realtor because the place was such a disaster that I couldn't imagine that it could be fixed. It does look great and the renters are really excited about living there, so it's all good. To celebrate, MT, T and I went out to dinner. When we got home, I turned on the TV and started channel surfing and I found the Breaking Bad marathon. Before I knew it, I had watched three episodes! That's good stuff, man!

Today T and I hung out all day. Since the weather here has changed (BRRR! Snow on the mountains!), T has been wearing jeans to school and he was in need of some new ones. We went shopping at Kohls and Target and got him some new jeans and a couple of new hoodie sweatshirts. We had fun. T is funny and has some interesting thoughts. The day pretty much flew by.

T and I are all geeked out about the finale of Breaking Bad tomorrow night. I'll have to write early tomorrow because I will be indisposed in the evening.

Until then, please enjoy this adorable picture from People magazine:

That's 12 baby pandas in a crib! AWWWWWW.....

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