Thursday, October 24, 2013

#1032 Throwback Thursday - a day in Barbados

It's funny how the mind wanders around and gets you to thinking about stuff you weren't even thinking about to begin with.

I started out by thinking about how large China is. My Swedish cousin is in a rock band and his band went on tour in China recently. I was thinking that there was a lot of ground to cover. My mind then wandered a little bit as I thought about my in-laws who spent a couple of weeks in China a couple of years ago. They also covered a lot of ground. Then I thought about how large the United States is. There's a lot of land between Los Angeles and New York City!

Then I got closer to home and thought about the size of Utah. You couldn't drive around the whole state in a day. I live in Salt Lake City and it's about five hours to the southwestern town of St. George. It's a little more than five hours to the southeastern town of Moab. I could drive to the northern city of Logan in about three hours. I could get to the western edge at Wendover in about 90 minutes, and it would take maybe three or four hours to get to the eastern edge at Vernal.

Somehow, from that reverie, I thought about the Caribbean. Aw, who am I kidding? I'm always thinking about the Caribbean!

Anyway, I thought about the day that MT and I went around the whole island of Barbados. We stayed a couple of nights in (on?) Barbados on our way to Palm Island in 2010. We hired a driver for the day and asked him to show us his island.  We saw a fort, and a gorgeous church that was up on a hill (and where the photo above was taken). We saw a pretty beach with a crazy big rock out in the water. We drove up in the hills and back along the side of the island with the big fancy resorts. We ended up getting slightly drunk on delicious Banks beer at a groovy little restaurant/bar called Weisers Beach Bar. That night we had one of the best meals we have ever had at the restaurant right at our hotel. We ate fresh dorado served with a wonderful light sauce, mashed potato and a salad. The food was cooked so beautifully and simply. Maybe it was being out by the beach, listening to the waves gently break on the sand and looking up at the starry sky on a warm night in February. Maybe it was the multiple pina coladas we had before dinner. It was probably a combination of all those things, but it was the perfect end to a truly fantastic day.

The photo I chose today is meant to inspire me a little. For one thing, my hair was probably as long as I've ever had it. I want it to grow like that again. I'm also the thinnest I've ever been in the photo, and I sure as HELL want to get back there again. And finally, it reminds me that it's ok to let go and enjoy the moment and be willing to be a little adventurous and see new places.

But mostly it reminds me about how much better I looked and felt back then. And that no matter how much I think it's a good idea, I shouldn't cut my hair short. It's not much fun to grow through the in-between stage I currently have. And that we need to get back out and find some happy.

Speaking of happy, I'm not sure if I will write on Saturday or Sunday. On Saturday T and I are going to see Macklemore in concert! I'm so excited!! I hope he's awesome :)


Kteach said...

That's a really cute picture of you, and the sea looks amazing :)

emtes said...

You look amazing on this photo, your hair is beautiful and you just look happy and relaxed :-)
You are so right China is a huge land. Jona and H.E.A.T travelled over 7000 km in 12 days with plane and bullet trains.
I hope you have a great weekend.
Take care and I Love you
Hugs and kisses to you all <3